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The Ralph Waldo Emerson Journals, Volume 02: 1825-1832 (e-Book)


Volume 2 | 1825-1832These are the personal journals of Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882). Volume 2 of the Ralph Waldo Emerson Journals covers the years 1824-1832, when Emerson began teaching and was a divinity student at Harvard. The journal entries cover his entry into the Unitarian ministry, his struggles with church tradition and his entry into his chosen field. On the personal side, this volume reveals his engagement to the beautiful and frail Ellen Tucker, their marriage and her early death.RWE 202 |  PDF E-book (3.89 mb) ……. The Digital Journals of Ralph Waldo Emerson is an archive provided by The Ralph Waldo Emerson Institute and www.rwe.org for the use and convenience of interested students of the life and works of America’s Founding Thinker, Ralph Waldo Emerson. The source of these digital Journals is the ten-volume Edward Emerson edition, originally published in Boston from 1904 through 1914, and comprising over 5,000 pages of material.