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The Phoenix: An Illustrated Overview of Occultism and Philosophy


Fascinating lore from around the world is reviewed in this illustrated volume:

  • The Ladder of Souls—the descent of the spiritual man into the body, with diagrams by Robert Fludd;
  • Bodhidharma, Patriarch of Zen;
  • When the Dead Come Back—out of body experiences;
  • Albert Pike, Plato of Freemasonry—author of the American Masonic rites and rituals;
  • The Sorcery of Asia—sky-walking Adepts, snake charmers, and devil dancers;
  • Concentration and Retrospection—discipline for self-improvement;
  • The Comte de St. Germain—greatest of Europe’s Adepts;
  • The Cycle of Transmigration—reincarnation according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition;
  • The Tenth Avatar—Mahatma Gandhi; The Wheel of Pythagoras—numerological mathematics;
  • The Practice of Meditation; H.P.B., the Russian Sphinx—life of Madame Blavatsky;
  • The Universe in Stone—Buddhist temple at Boro Budur;
  • Kismet—a story of a Caliph and an astrologer;
  • Holy Men—the mendicants of India;
  • Apollonius, “The Anti-Christ”—adept of Ancient Rome;
  • Cagliostro & the Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry;
  • the Great Pyramid.

ISBN: 0-89314-839-3 |  Paperback. Illustrated.  175pp