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The Ozawkie Book of The Dead: Alzheimer’s isn’t what you think it is


By Elmer Green, Ph.D. (founder of Clinical Biofeedback Medicine)What this book is about:“Every human on the planet has two souls, an immortal Soul and a mortal soul… if the soul (at the death of the body) approaches and blends with the Light of the SOUL in full consciousness, that event signifies transfiguration, Unity with the Divine.”An Alzheimer’s patient is a person who approaches death so slowly that family members can help that person find the Light of the SOUL, and merge with it consciously, and thus be transfigured for entry into the Kingdom of Heaven.What Alyce & Elmer experienced:Alyce, as she progressed through Alzheimer’s, began living in two worlds at the same time—the “normal” physical world and the “afterlife” world, which in Tibet is called the bardo.Alyce was a meditator but not a dreamer, the development of double consciousness came as a psychological shock to her. Elmer, however, was a “dreamer” who was familiar with out-of-body travel. And he was able to meet Alyce in the bardo and assist her in achieving fully-conscious transfiguration before her body died. Her SOUL and her soul became one.Entering the Yogic state of deep stillness:Alyce, radiating the Light of her SOUL, even before her body died, becomes an “Angel of the Light” and begins working as a spiritual Teacher. She conducts orientation classes in the bardo for meditators, dreamers, and newly-arrived souls.The effect on Elmer of these pre-death adventures in the bardo is to stimulate “vision dreams” in which it is seen that spiritually-oriented people around the world serve as a “group channel” through which the Light and Love of Divinity is focused by the Fellowship of Light, the spiritual Teachers of all times and lands.ISBN: 0-89314-428-2  | Trade Paperback (bound in 3 volumes with a slip-case).  873pp ……. Elmer Green received a Ph.D. in Biopsychology from the University of Chicago. He began his career as a physicist at the Navel Weapons Center at China Lake, California, where he worked in optics, electronics and computing. He is perhaps best known today as the founder of clinical Biofeedback and as the founder of the Voluntary Controls Program at the Menninger Clinic. He and his wife and colleague, Alyce, co-authored “Beyond Biofeedback” and for twenty years they lectured and conducted workshops on the theory and practice of Biofeedback Training in the U.S., Australia, Canada, India, Great Britain, Holland, Russia, and the Philippines. They co-founded the Council Grove Conference for the study of the Voluntary Control of States of Consciousness, the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB) and the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM).In the last seven years of her life, Alyce had Alzheimer’s. During these years, Elmer and Alyce explored the realms of consciousness beyond Alzheimer’s and death, and in the process discovered how we, too, can experience these mysterious and transformative realms.