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The Lost Keys of Freemasonry


THREE-in-ONE VOLUME:Published under license by Tarcher/PenguinINCLUDED: “Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians”and “Masonic Orders of Fraternity” By Manly P. HallManly P. Hall’s classic work on history’s most secretive brotherhood, collected with two additional celebrated volumes on occult Masonry. Freemasonry is the subject of perennial fascination. The twentieth century’s great scholar of occult and esoteric ideas, Manly P. Hall was a Mason himself and nurtured a lifelong interest in the secret fraternal order, making it the focus of one of his earliest and best-loved books, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry. In this celebrated work, he examines the ethical training required of a Freemason, and the character traits a Mason must “build” within himself. Hall’s 1923 volume is now reset and made available exclusively in this new edition, along with the author’s two further classics on Masonry:FREEMASONRY of the ANCIENT EGYPTIANS (1937); and MASONIC ORDERS of FRATERNITY (1950).This three-in-one volume features the original illustrations of each book, for a total of nearly thirty images, including recreations of scenes and rites from Masonry’s unusual history. It also includes a new index encompassing all three titles.Original Description for LOST KEYS OF FREEMASONRY:Also know as The Secret of Hiram Abiff, this text was written for the Mason and non-Mason alike. Mr. Hall, himself a 33° Mason, reveals the profound aspects of this ancient Fraternity which has been the source of inspiration to so many individuals through the centuries. The basic symbolism of the three degrees of the Blue Lodge is explained and a chapter entitled “The Egyptian Initiate” is especially enlightening. Illustrated by J. Augustus Knapp.Original Description for FREEMASONRY OF THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS (still available in the original paperback edition):Interpretations of the Freemasonry of ancient Egypt are set forth as revealed in the teachings of the State Mysteries, including Egyptian magic, the Osirian cycle, the secret doctrine of Egypt, and the initiation of Plato. The appendix is a restoration of the ancient Egyptian mystery rituals, The Crata Repoa, describing initiation ceremonies which took place in the old temples (as translated by Dr. John Yarker from the French edition of 1778).Original Description for MASONIC ORDERS OF FRATERNITY: This work is of equal interest to Freemasons and students of the development of secret societies in Western Europe since the Roman Conquest. The principle emphasis is upon the 17th and 18th Century revivals of the Mystery Rituals of antiquity. Such names as Comte de St.-Germain, Cagliostro, and Louise de St.-Martin feature with Dr. John Dee and the French philosopher/writer, Voltaire. There is information about the mysterious rituals of Memphis and the Illuminati, which flourished briefly in Bavaria, as well as the revival of Egyptian Masonry, which inspired Mozart’s opera of “The Magic Flute.” All these conspiracies and counter-conspiracies are as intriguing as a detective story, and much valuable history is concealed in the records of these esoteric books.ISBN: 978-158542-510-5 |  Trade Paperback.