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Studies In Character Analysis (Pamphlet)


The working principles of character analysis are so clearly explained herein that the reader can gain a good working knowledge without recourse to other texts. However, appropriate reference works are indicated for the benefit of those who wish to continue their studies. The subject matter covers phrenology, palmistry, physiognomy, and graphology, as well as a study of oriental character analysis which has been included in this edition. Of special note are illustrations of some unusual items, such as the phrenological bust designed by Dr. Fowler, an old French diagram on character reading through studying the joints of fingers, 17th century woodcuts of resemblances between human and animal faces, and a facsimile of the last handwriting of Marie Antoinette before her execution.ISBN: 0-89314-804-0  | Pamphlet (8.4″x6.9″). 88pp