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Orders of the Quest: The Holy Grail


Adepts in the Western Esoteric Tradition, Part 1The origins of the “Grail Legend” are described, from the dissemination of the secret doctrines of antiquity in Europe, to the collapse of the Pagan Mysteries, to the end of the “Age of Chivalry.” The account begins with Manes, whose philosophy has survived into modern times as the driving force behind Christian Mysticism. It continues with the Troubadours, the Knights Templar of Jerusalem, Taliesin the Adept of Britain, the wisdom of the Druids and secret assemblies of  Wales, Merlin, King Arthur and the Round Table, the Holy Grail, the Grail Kings, and Parsifal and Lohengrin—and their parallels in the search for the mysterious temple of Shamballa, said to stand on the Imperishable Island in the midst of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.ISBN: 0-89314-533-5 |  Hardback. Illustrated.  101pp