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Meditation Symbols in Eastern & Western Mysticism (e-Book)


Mysteries of the MandalaNew PDF e-Book by Manly P. HallThe fruition of a lifetime of study and interpretation of Eastern and Western mystical symbolism, this classic text explores meditation symbols throughout history in thirteen profusely illustrated chapters. Highlighting such topics as—meditation symbols, meditation, the experience of reality, the Lotus Sutra, and the mystical symbols of Jacob Boehme and other alchemists.“In order to understand mandala disciplines it is necessary to understand the difference between intelligence and intellectualism. Intelligence is an innate integrity abiding in the soul, and intellectualism is an education of the mind by external study and training. Most mandala diagrams were designed to release internal integrity, whereas the systems of schooling now extant attempt to convert the mind to the acceptance of prevailing doctrines and opinions.“The purpose of the present book is to emphasize the cultivation of that integrity without which no nation or individual can survive the pressures of a dominant economic materialism. The only solution to modern dilemmas is what Mohandas Gandhi called ‘the victory of soul power over brute force.’ Through the development of meditative disciplines, the sincere person can escape from the shadow of materiality and find the fulfillment of his hopes and aspirations in the light of the ancient way of the sages.This electronic e-book edition has been bookmarked for navigation, and formatted in landscape mode for ease of viewing on letter-boxed computer screens.PDF 543-2 |  E-book (15.6mb)