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Masonic Orders of Fraternity (e-Book)


Adepts in the Western Esoteric Tradition, Part Four NEW PDF e-Book by Manly P. HallThis work will be of equal interest to Freemasons and students of the development of secret societies in Western Europe since the Roman Conquest.  The principle emphasis is upon the 17th and 18th Century revivals of the Mystery Rituals of antiquity, and includes such personages as Comte de St.-Germain, Cagliostro, and Louise de St.-Martin, as well as Dr. John Dee and the French philosopher/writer Voltaire. Included in this volume is information about the mysterious rituals of Memphis and the Illuminati, that flourished briefly in Bavaria, as well as the revival of Egyptian Masonry that inspired Mozart’s opera of “The Magic Flute.” All these conspiracies and counter-conspiracies are as intriguing as a detective story, and reveals much of the valuable history concealed in records of esoteric books.This electronic e-book edition is fully bookmarked for easy navigation.PDF 536-X |  E-book (5.29mb)