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Hymns of Orpheus (e-Book)


By Thomas Taylor (Translator). With an Introductory Preface by Manly P. HallNEW PDF e-BookAvailable exclusively as an PDF download

Aristophanes and Horace considered Orpheus a missionary of civilization; and the Orphic teachings were so molded to the foundation of the Pythagorean Philosophy as to be indistinguishable. It might be said that the Pythagorean system is the philosophical aspect of that which the Orphic beliefs are the religion. This volume of The Hymns of Orpheus is a photographic facsimile of the 1792 edition, translated from the original Greek by Thomas Taylor.This volume includes: ‘A Dissertation on the Life and Theology of Orpheus,’ ‘The Initiations of Orpheus’ which were invocations used in the Eleusinian Mysteries, and ‘An Essay on the Beautiful’ by Plotinus. These works comprise a compendium of the teachings of Orpheus, beliefs that brightly lit the dawn of Greece. It begins with an Introductory Preface by Manly P. Hall.About the Translator | Thomas Taylor (1758-1835) was a scholar without honor in his own time. Most of his books have long been out of print, but in recent years there has been a strong revival of interest in his writings. In 1969 a definitive work, Thomas Taylor the Platonist, appeared as Vol. LXXXVIII of the Bollingen series (Princeton University Press). Admirers of Taylor have said that other scholars may had had more Greek but less understanding of those sublime doctrines which he both translated and interpreted.This PRS Edition features an Introductory Preface by Manly P. Hall, and the text appears in the original 17th century typeface, with spelling indicative of the period.Now out-of-print in the original PRS publication, this electronic e-book edition is fully bookmarked for easy navigation.PDF 415-0 |  E-book (7.36 mb)