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Hindu Pantheon


By Edward Moor, F.R.S.   &  Preface by Manly P. HallThe first and most complete exposition of the religious iconography of India, this indispensable reference work was written in 1810 and aptly conveys the spirit of East Indian myths, legends, fables, and the intricate symbolism which distinguishes the Eastern mind. Here the great Indian classics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, are revealed as epic works of wisdom literature. A must for students of philosophy and comparative religion, and collectors of Asiatic art, this is ranks as one of the most complete works on theology and philosophical beliefs of the Hindus.  A photographic facsimile of the original 1810 edition, this folio sized work contains 451 pages of text, 105 pages of engravings and line-art, with a detailed index.ISBN: 0-89314-409-6 |  Hardback.  571pp