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Energy Conservation


THE VITAL BODY – LECTURE 9 of 10Organizing & Conserving Personal Energy Resources— Psychic Malpractice: Can We BeInfluenced Against Our Wills?— EnergyThe first step in the study of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings is not the “quest for knowledge,” but the preparation of the self to “receive knowledge.” This is the first obstacle faced, where most truth-seekers make their first mistake. With their eyes turned toward the heavens, they rush ecstatically toward “illumination,” only to stumble, like Thales, “into the ditch of their own unprepared-ness.”The desire for wisdom is in itself the most commendable of human endeavors, but in too many cases this desire comes to nothing through ignorance and misunderstanding. We must not only earnestly and unselfishly desire truth, we must create within our own nature the ethical environment suitable for the reception of spiritual knowledge. Before it is possible to perceive clearly the mysteries of the inner life, one must develop the faculties for this perception..THE FOUR NATURES—LIVING AND LEARNINGThis unique lecture pamphlet series explores the four natures of the human body: the physical, the vital, the emotional, and the mental. These lectures were a compilation of Mr. Hall’s own essays, articles and published works, exploring his personal beliefs about the connections between the inner life and the outer person. They are aimed at helping the reader gain an in-depth understanding of the four natures of the human being and the human body. All four aspects must work in harmony to enrich the inner life.These pamphlets are now available individually at a reduced price of $7.95 each.