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Basic Ideas of Man: Series 2, Lecture 7 | The Rational Quality of the Soul


Psychology as Viewed by Philosophers“The science of the soul, therefore, is a medium between metaphysics and physics; just as the essence of the soul is a medium between supernatural and natural forms, and has something which communicates with the former, and something which inclines to the latter.” — The Works of Aristotle, p. xlSeries 2 – Lecture 7BIM-2-07 |  Pamphlet.  36pp ……. Lecture Series Two of the Basic Ideas of Man is devoted to the study of consciousness itself, of man as a conscious being, and the orientation of human consciousness in its relation to the experiences of knowledge and knowing. The reader is introduced to the essential Buddhist doctrines of India, China and Tibet. The mystical teachings of the Platonists and Neoplatonists lead naturally to the consideration of the early Christian mystics.