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Basic Ideas of Man: Series 2, Lecture 11 | The Levels of Knowledge


Movement of Consciousness From Ignorance to Wisdom“To sum up: the Platonic theory is that education should be primarily moral and spiritual—not mechanical or utilitarian—having for its ultimate end the ascent of the soul to the Supreme Good; that the specific object of education should be the development of moral and intellectual character; that a purely mental education, severed from a moral, and having no reference to true spiritual culture, is not only worthless but positively deleterious.” — THOMAS M. JOHNSON, “Platonic Theory of Education” in Bibliotheca Platonica, Vol. I Series 2 – Lecture 11 |  Pamphlet.  36pp ……. Lecture Series Two of the Basic Ideas of Man is devoted to the study of consciousness itself, of man as a conscious being, and the orientation of human consciousness in its relation to the experiences of knowledge and knowing. The reader is introduced to the essential Buddhist doctrines of India, China and Tibet. The mystical teachings of the Platonists and Neoplatonists lead naturally to the consideration of the early Christian mystics.