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Basic Ideas of Man: Series 1, Lecture 8 | Arguments For The Eternality of The Soul


Plato, Defender of Immortality“O my friends, if the soul is really immortal, what care should be taken of her, not only in respect of the portion of time which is called life, but of eternity!” — Plato, PhaedoSeries 1 – Lecture 8 |  Pamphlet  36pp ……. Lecture Series One of the Basic Ideas of Man introduces the reader to the lives and message of twelve celebrated teachers of the East and West, whose impact on world culture has been deep and enduring. Many names are familiar, Plato, Buddha, St. Paul and Confucius. Others are less familiar, but no less important, like Maimonides, the celebrated Jewish scholastic philosopher, and Jalal-ud-din, the Eastern mystic more commonly known as Rumi.