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Alchemy: A Comprehensive Bibliography of the Manly P. Hall Collection of Books & Manuscripts


An extensive bibliographical description of 164 books and 245 manuscripts from the PRS Library and Manly P. Hall Collection—assembled over a period of sixty-five years and the repository for many rare esoteric items. The Bibliography includes related material on Rosicrucianism and Jacob Boehme’s writings; Bacstrom manuscripts in eighteen volumes with English translations of early alchemical books; a volume of manuscripts from Count Cagliostro’s library; Comte de St.Germain’s triangular manuscript on vellum; a portion of Ripley’s Scroll in full color; the William Law edition of Jacob Boehme with manikin plates attributed to Rubens.Limited Edition of 1000 copies, folio volume, 9″ x 12″, handsomely illustrated with eight full-color plates and facsimiles of title pages and frontispieces.ISBN: 0-89314-542-4 |  Hardback, Library Binding. 314pp